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Mindfulness Training & Meditation in the Workplace

The School of Positive Transformation is offering organisations greater wellbeing.
Topics such as mindfulness, resilience and strengths are harnessed to create a sustainable positive change.
We offer the most effective exercises and programmes to allow organisations to realise their full potential.
The tools we use have been scientifically tested and shown to reliably increase job satisfaction and productivity, while reducing stress and anxiety.
Our work is unique as we implement contemporary scientific research to build creative, original and impactful wellbeing programmes. Everything we provide is research-based.
The School of Positive Transformation is offering your organisation practical tools and programmes that are simple, effective and inspiring.

We are offering a range of Mindfulness and Wellbeing training sessions that could be tailored to your organisation’s needs:

• Taster sessions (60-minutes)
• Workshops (2-6 hours)
• Trainings (4-weeks X 2.5 Hours per week)
• Online Trainings


A workplace where mindfulness skills are used experiences higher overall levels of employee well-being and resilience. Based on research and our experience in the field, here is a list of benefits an organisation might reasonably expect from a mindfulness training:

a reduction in employees’ levels of stress

decreased levels of absenteeism and presenteeism

enhanced ability to think clearly and focus on task

increased physical and mental wellbeing

increased productivity and engagement in task

improved employee relationships and team cohesion

mindfulness training programs mindfulness meditation classes at workplace
Dr Itai Ivtzan what is mindfulness training and Meditation in the workplace

Dr Itai Ivtzan is the founder of the School of Positive Transformation and its senior trainer. He is a mindfulness teacher and researcher, and senior lecturer at the University of East London (UEL). Over the past 15 years, Dr Ivtzan has run wellbeing and mindfulness training courses, seminars, lectures, workshops and retreats throughout the UK and around the world, for various organisations, educational institutions and private events. He is an expert in workplace wellbeing and mindfulness programmes. Dr Ivtzan is an author of five books and a regular keynote speaker at conferences focusing on the topics of mindfulness, resilience and wellbeing.

Learn more about Dr Itai Ivtzan and his books, talks, research, and retreats by visiting his website “Awareness is Freedom”

Our Teachers

Mindfulness Organizations – Mindfulness Meditation Training Courses in the Workplace

We have an incredible team of teachers at the school of positive transformation. They all hold a degree in Applied Positive Psychology, or Wellbeing, which enables them to run wellbeing programmes for individuals and organisations. Additionally, they have all completed formal and certified mindfulness teacher training. All our teachers are highly experienced, knoweldgable, and passionate about positive organisational transformation. Here are some of our teachers:

Jessie Zhu mindfulness training exercises corporate mindfulness programs

Jessie Zhu is an experienced executive coach and facilitator. She is passionate about applying the science of well-being to promote resilience and performance at work.  She combines her extensive business experience in the financial service industry with psychological insights, supporting people to understand their unique strengths and realise their career and leadership potential. She is experienced in both one-to-one career and executive coaching as well as designing and facilitating tailored group workshops on topics such as emotional intelligence, strengths, resilience and mindfulness at work.  Jessie is accredited by the International Coaching Federation and is also a certified mindfulness teacher. She holds an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from University of East London and an MSc in Finance from London Business School

Duncan Reid is a psychologist, coach and certified mindfulness and meditation teacher. He has over 30 years’ experience in industry and has held a number of leadership positions working for one of the biggest names in the IT industry. In private practice, he has worked with clients in the private, public and third sectors

Duncan Reid mindfulness meditation for anxiety mindfulness organizations
Natasha Parker mindfulness in the workplace training mindfulness courses online

Natasha Parker is an expert in the science of wellbeing and holds an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of East London. She has trained as a mindfulness teacher and has taught mindfulness sessions within a variety of workplace settings. She has a wealth of experience facilitating wellbeing courses and previously worked as Head of Community Courses for Action for Happiness where she designed and delivered courses aimed at improving mental wellbeing for audiences at risk of anxiety and depression. She has a background in managing drug and alcohol treatment services and has worked for Public Health England within the London Alcohol and Drugs team

Pamela Strasser, MA, is a positive psychologist, coach and trainer who has been running workshops, seminars, conferences and courses in large organizations in countries such as Luxembourg, Germany, UK, and France since 2006. Her corporate work focuses on employee well-being, stress management, resilience, mindfulness, positive communication skills, work engagement and work/life balance as well as coaching people to achieve their full potential. Pamela regularly runs retreats, workshops and classes for individuals and groups in private settings. In addition to being a positive psychologist, she is also an experienced yoga and meditation teacher. Pamela’s 10-year experience in the corporate environment has led her not only to understand the challenges both employees and management encounter, but to design corporate well-being and work engagement programmes tailored specifically to the needs of the organizations she works with

Pamela Strasser mindfulness organizations mindfulness schools courses and training classes for the workplace

The School of Positive Transformation is proud to have worked with

What do our clients say about us?

“The mindfulness course by the school of positive transformation was a huge success. I never thought I would see so many of our hardened city types performing a walking and breathing meditation and getting so much from the exercise. The blend of theory and practice was well balanced, providing the chance to learn and then experience the various techniques”

Andy Ramage, Managing Partner, OTC Europe

“If you are thinking of using the school of positive transformation for a wellbeing training in your company do not hesitate, they provide precisely what they promise and create a real positive change in the organisation”

Ilan Azouri, CEO, Conscious Water

“Dr Ivtzan and the school of positive transformation created an 8-session mindfulness programme that we now host. His programme has been extremely popular and thousands of people have practiced it. The feedback we received for that mindfulness training programme was excellent, participants were excited with the teaching, enjoyed it, and found it transformative”

Ran Zilca, Chief Data Science Officer, Happify

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